New Candles & Lotions

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What do you mean?

A candle that you can use as a lotion?

The advantages of Soy Candles are clear – no black soot, a longer burn, and a natural product produced by American farmers


Our soy lotion candles are made by blending Soy Wax, Soybean Oil naturally infused with Vitamin E and skin safe fragrances.

 It’s a dual purpose candle! 

Apply to your hands, feet, or anywhere!

A non-greasy lotion that scents up your room

Sometime. we see a candle fragrance and we just have to try it. 

We just poured Burnt Orange & Patchouli candles.  It has an earthy fragrance with a hint of citrus.  Happy Hippie is a light scent with notes of tobacco flower.  Sage & Citrus bursts with a blend of citrus and a hint of herb.





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