Our New Botanical ‘Strong Women’ Body Products


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Our first in the Simply Bare Scents body product line.  We think it’s important to remember every day that we are a strong WOMAN.

Botanical Facial Cleansers

Throw Me To The Wolves…and I’ll come backleading the pack

She wasn’t Looking For A Knight…she was looking for a sword

She Is A Strong Woman… because she was raised by a strong woman


These creamy, botanical, pearlescent facial cleansers will leave your skin refreshed and soft. A fragrant blend of delicate scents will start and end your day with beautiful notes of earthy richness.

Wash your face once in the morning.  Our gentle cleanser will not dry you skin or leave it feeling tight. Remember to wash your face twice every night!   Dry with a soft towel.


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Weight 8 lbs

I'm A Strong Woman Because A Strong Woman Raised Me(Angel), She Wasn't Looking For A Knight She Was Looking For A Sword (Lavender Lemongrass), Throw Her To The Wolves She'll Come Back Leading The Pack ( Love Spell)